High visibility specialist

High visibility, under any condition.

That’s what Vizwell is about: the company that specialises in workwear.

What are the most important things for people who, like you, work every day in hazardous environments?
Safety, without any doubts.

That is why we have designed a clothing range that is able to meet your everyday needs.

These are the key points of Vizwell workwear ranges:

  • high visibility, under any condition
  • comfort in movements
  • handy design
  • certified garments
  • competitive prices
  • availability in stock
Our products

More than quality

What does quality really mean? How can it improve the way you work?

According to us here at Vizwell, quality means providing workers with workwear that is above all:

  • safe
  • hard-wearing
  • comfortable

Are you wondering whether Vizwell products suit you? Try to answer these questions:

Are you looking for the right clothes for people working in a poorly lit environment, such as tunnels?
Are you looking for the right clothes for people often working under adverse weather conditions? Or at times with little sunlight?
Are you looking for the right workwear for people exposed to external agents, such as water or fire?

If you have answered yes to just one of these questions, then our products are right for you.

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