Welcome to Vizwell News

New Website New Life!

Vizwell is proud to announce that the new vizwell.com website has been completely renewed, updated with new contents, products, information from us directly to you.

So many news to share, but let’s start from the beginning…

In 2009 Vizwell was born and we started with a small selection of Hi Viz products, ready to order from our warehouse in China. You trusted us and the journey began!

10 years later we thank you for still being here and for those of you who just got to know us recently, a very warm welcome to the world.

Our mission has not changed: we want to provide you with the right product for any situation in utter safety.

And we want to do it fast.


How to get my order delivered quickly?


Easy… we have set up a New Warehouse in Europe where you can order a wide variety of Hi Viz garments with a super fast delivery. The new stock is available NOW!

No MOQ, as always.


This is just the beginning… We are really excited about the very many news we are going to share with you in the next future.

Stay in touch with us, we’ll be back soon.